HOUSTON, Feb. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — SignalBoosters, a leading provider of 3G & 4G LTE signal boosting solutions, provides full turnkey installation services for small-medium businesses and enterprise.

SignalBoosters.com: Commercial signal boosting solutions

Many buildings are not built with 21st century technology and lifestyle in mind like cellular and wireless coverage. This leads to poor reception and spotty service for people inside concrete and metal buildings with thick walls.

A lack of consistent connectivity affects all aspects of business: unproductive employees, dissatisfied customers, and loss of clients.

“A majority of employees do a great amount of work on their smartphones and tablets,” Brandon Davis, VP of Enterprise Sales, said. “And when they’re struggling with signal, running to a window or outside, dropping a call, or constantly repeating themselves–hopelessly reconnecting, these frustrations eventually contribute to a big loss to the bottom line. That’s the problem we have an answer for.”

SignalBoosters complete line of product, design, and installation services deliver reliable reception for better talk & text, faster internet, and more bars on any phone or cellular device with any US and Canadian carrier.

Solutions are available for cellular, WiFi, public safety, and DAS with custom made designs for any commercial building ranging from 5,000 sq ft up to 500,000+ sq ft.

With the upcoming arrival of 5G which promises faster speeds than any of today’s fastest landline internet and FirstNet which establishes strong public safety signal coverage for first responders, in-building wireless solutions are more recommended than ever.

“We are our cell phones,” Davis said. “It’s our life, our social, our work, our entertainment, our emergency; it’s our everything. Quality of life and work are hampered when we can’t connect. It’s something we take for granted when it’s not there and we need it to be there.”

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