DENTON, Texas, July 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — America’s leading community bank expert Michael Nguyen, CEO of BrandMyBank, an advertising agency for banks, will be teaching a class where he’ll present a REAL-LIFE case study from a real client he helped to boost deposits by as much as $2,877,830 in as little as 90 days. 

Now, this client of his is NOT a megabank – It’s a hard-working, small-town community bank.

Nguyen’s study will show how one of his clients adopted these strategies, implemented them, and achieved big deposit growth fast.

$2,877,830 in new deposits in just 90 Days – an ROI of 4,198%

«I might regret doing this webinar because there are so many trade secrets I am revealing. I may run into the risk of people stealing my secrets and doing it themselves,» confesses Nguyen. «But ultimately, that’s OK, because that’s what I want people to do.»

Nguyen wants attendees to steal his ideas, ideas that generated nearly $3 million in new deposits in just 90 days for the client he’s going to discuss. If banks qualify, he could do the same.

Here are some of the deposit-growing attendees will be able to steal:

  • A boring and little-known product that can boost your deposits fast. Nguyen will present a fill-in-the-blank method that can be used on bank products and services to increase deposits.
  • The process for how to take an underperforming product and turn it into a deposit machine.
  • Nguyen’s favorite secret traffic sources. There are more (and better) traffic sources than Google and Facebook for growing deposits.
  • How to design landing pages for more conversions and more deposits.
  • Nguyen’s $3M Triangle’ for finding the holes in bank products and services, and how to plug them to increase deposits.

If banks struggle to find ways to quickly and affordably grow deposits, then join Nguyen’s class on July 25 at 2 p.m. Eastern. 


BrandMyBank is committed to making the banks in the financial industry aware of what it takes to stand out, so that they can increase deposits, attract more loans and become THE bank vs. a bank. There’s so much competition out there, and it can be frustrating to decide what is the best next step to take.

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