NEW YORK and GRAPEVINE, Texas, June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Today at its annual Summit User Conference, Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics, data integrity, and integration solutions, announced five key enhancements to help customers accelerate data-driven decision-making. With the new capabilities of its WebFOCUS BI and analytics and Omni-Gen™ data management platforms, Information Builders is giving organizations an unprecedented opportunity to maximize their data investments and operate more competitively.

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In order for information management initiatives to deliver bottom-line impact, it’s essential that the data be accurate, consistent, and able to provide insights to a wide array of users with different needs and varying degrees of technical abilities. Information Builders is uniquely suited to address both the data management and self-service analytics requirements for strategic and operational decision-making and real-time actions. These latest offerings, outlined below, only serve to strengthen its integrated portfolio.

WebFOCUS InfoSearch provides the ability to perform search analytics and discover business intelligence assets by searching a combination of content titles, metadata, and data elements. It makes use of Natural Language Processing and a type-ahead search index. InfoSearch combines several existing WebFOCUS technologies to enable users to easily find related reports, charts, and dashboards indexed from the BI archive. For example, searching for a customer name will bring up every piece of content across the repository, and from multiple systems, corresponding to the search term and to the user security access profile. InfoSearch enables organizations to continually maximize their BI and analytics content, via user-friendly search, sharing, and reuse.  

Prescriptive Analytics
Prescriptive analytics allows companies to compare predictions with desired outcomes, and then determine how to reengineer processes to achieve the desired result. Drawing on its ability to access structured and unstructured data, its integration with the R language, and strength in delivering insights to non-technical business users, WebFOCUS is easily able to manage the complexities of prescriptive analytics. With this capability, Information Builders is arming its customers with a complete toolset for realizing the promise of analytics and deriving the maximum value from their data.

Omni Data Quality Workbench 
The Omni Data Quality Workbench is a component of Information Builders’ Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition. Technical and non-technical employees can collaborate on data quality and governance projects using a business user-oriented, browser-based data cleansing tool. The intuitive graphical interface guides business users by letting them quickly see and identify quality issues as well as define and deploy powerful and sophisticated rules for correcting them.

Usage Monitor
Many companies rely on numerous, large-scale BI and analytics applications for critical operations and need a way to ensure business continuity. The Usage Monitor addresses this requirement by scanning all WebFOCUS computers for bottlenecks or other conditions that could adversely affect the success of these initiatives. By flagging conditions that require attention before significant problems occur, the technology protects companies from issues that could impact business outcomes.  

Information Builders now offers its own comprehensive BI, analytics, and information management platform for cloud delivery. The offering includes all WebFOCUS features as well as Cloud Managed Hosting and Support services for a user-based subscription license. Customers can migrate to the cloud or quickly develop new projects via a variety of secure and industry-compliant deployment options in Information Builders’ 15 global data centers:

  • Pure Cloud: WebFOCUS and iWay fully operate in the cloud; data resides in the cloud
    Benefit: All IT assets, costs, and resources are off-loaded to the cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud: WebFOCUS and iWay fully operate in the cloud; data resides and is accessed in-place on-premise
    Benefit: No data migration required, and database design and security are preserved
  • Federated Hybrid Cloud: WebFOCUS and iWay components may operate in both the cloud and on-premise; data can reside both on-premise and in the cloud
    Benefit: Facilitates a phased approach to cloud migration

Gerald Cohen, president and CEO, Information Builders, said:
«The information delivery needs of the workforce have changed dramatically in recent years. Companies are demanding a way to drive tangible results with their BI and analytics initiatives, and our new technology enhancements are designed to help organizations continually evolve their capabilities to extract even greater value from their data assets and information applications.»

Information Builders will be demonstrating and discussing these solution enhancements throughout the week at Summit. Visit our website to learn more about these innovations and other Summit announcements.

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