HOUSTON, May 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — LENSEC is building a partner team around the world. In every major geographic region, LENSEC is pursuing security integrators to resell and deploy Perspective VMS™ in their physical security projects. As part of this worldwide growth, the LENSEC team wants to make sure partners have the proper tools be successful.

As part of the certification program, LENSEC is giving away 100 free Perspective VMS™ software licenses to partners who become certified. This is up to $25,000 in software licenses. Security integrators can use any version of PVMS – Enterprise, Standard, or Express editions.

The free Perspective VMS™ licenses are available for use as long as the partner remains certified. Partner certification renews annually. This is a one-time offer for LENSEC partners.

A major piece of LENSEC’s certification program includes free sales and technical training. Training takes place various regional locations and occurs several times per year. The next PVMS training is scheduled for our Houston, TX headquarters. LENSEC’s Chief Product Officer, Jeff Kellick, will conduct training May 18-19, 2017. This event will be the first public showing of LENSEC’s new headquarters in Houston, TX.

Kellick believes the inclusion of training in the certification process is key. He says, «Training is a prerequisite for growth and it is LENSEC’s goal to encourage partner growth. I believe security integrators need to understand the value of the product and show that value to the end-user. Proper training will help technicians properly install, configure, and maintain Perspective VMS™. Sales representatives become a stronger resource for the end-user by having solid knowledge about the product they are proposing.»

Partners going through certification training will be working with Perspective VMS™ version 3.0. LENSEC has redesigned PVMS, building it exclusively as an HTML5 rich application. HTML5 is the current standard for web development. However, LENSEC is a pioneer in leveraging the HTML5 development platform for an enterprise-level security application.
If you’d like to learn more about LENSEC’s partner certification program, please contact our sales team or visit LENSEC.com for more details.

Founded in 1998, LENSEC is an industry pioneer of IP-based video surveillance solutions for many vertical markets including local governments, school and university campuses, healthcare facilities, commercial properties, critical infrastructure, and more. LENSEC’s Perspective VMS™ enables secure remote access and real-time collaboration with first responders during security events.


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