ALLEN, Texas, June 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The founder of Motina Books realized that resources for single moms are few and far between.  Publisher Diane Windsor wants to change that.  That’s why she created Motina Books, whose tagline explains exactly what they do – We publish books by and for mothers; especially single mothers! 

«My goal is to publish books that will help families led by single moms to be successful,» says Windsor.  «Sometimes a person just needs to know that a tool, or a particular resource, is available that can help improve their life.»  She knows that while being a single mom is not easy, that doesn’t mean that a single-parent led family cannot be successful.

Some of the books that have already been published include, How to Interview Like You’ve Done It Before, and How to Relationship-A Guide for Teens with Divorced Parents. 

Windsor says, «There are not enough resources available to help single parents.  They face very specific challenges that differ greatly from parents who have a partner.»

Windsor is very familiar with these challenges, having been a single mom herself.  Now, she leads a very large, active single parent support group in North Texas.  The group, Single Side Up (the single parent support program of, provides practical support to single parents, just like Motina Books does.  During the five years that she has been leading this group, Windsor has discovered that the most crucial topics for single parents are financial and legal. 

«When I was divorced I searched for resources that would help me be a successful single parent,» says Will Rhodes, a member of Single Side Up.  «Most support groups are really gripe sessions.  This group is educational, and provides the tools that I need.  They’re very positive.»

Motina Books fits beautifully with Single Side Up (and the mission of This Side UP! Family).  Windsor has taken the insights and concerns of the parents in the group to help develop the topics.  She has also met several aspiring authors, including the 16-year-old daughter of a single mom! 

Motina Books isn’t afraid to tackle controversial topics.  The novella It’s Just Pot is the story about how a single mom faces the fact that her teenager has started smoking marijuana.  Upcoming releases included The Single Parent Money Philosophy and How to Choose the Right Attorney for YOU. 

«It’s very difficult today to be published traditionally.  That’s why I want to help moms tell their stories, and share their valuable wisdom,» states Windsor.  «There are no upfront costs to publish with us; we share the royalties when a book is sold.  And, we make sure that the author receives a very fair share.»

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