HOUSTON, May 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — MySafety™, an innovative operations risk and safety management solution, announces General Manager, Mark Weitner, will participate in the 2017 Verdantix Summit panel, Creating A Consistent Safety Culture with Innovative Technologies. The fourth annual Summit brings together leading and innovative professionals from a variety of industries to collaborate and share insights on improving environment, health and safety (EH&S) initiatives and outcomes.

Current operations risk and EH&S management practices still struggle to make and maintain incremental improvements, let alone generate long-term sustainable and strategically advantageous transformations for operations of all types. The Creating a Consistent Safety Culture with Innovative Technologies panel discusses leveraging the latest technologies to deliver an improved safety culture and performance. Chaired by an independent EH&S advisor and consisting of leaders from Parsons and Dupont in addition to MySafety, the panel will «walk through some of the recent safety innovations, [and] share usage scenarios and success stories that demonstrate improvements in safety culture.» It is a unique opportunity to explore new and innovative methodologies and technologies that create a safety culture and increase the performance of EH&S strategies.

«To align strategy to execution and deliver a true culture of safety with improved EH&S performance, companies need to evolve beyond compliance-based and process-centric technologies,» states Weitner. «Safety is not a process. It is a culture, and that culture is created and maintained by people – the workforce.» An innovative solution in the market, MySafety leverages a worker-centric approach that delivers a true workforce-centered solution. Through leveraging a worker-centric methodology that captures those critical actionable operational insights, MySafety improves safety and reduces operations risk in the thousands of decisions made each day by people across every level of an organization. «Processes fail. And when they do, workers are left to make the decisions. MySafety focuses on ensuring that the right insights are delivered to the right people at the right time,» states Weitner.

Also named a «Smart Innovator» in worker safety technologies by Verdantix, MySafety is among «the most innovative technologies altering the safety management landscape.» Undeniable in various industries, the advances in technology and rapid digitalization of the world is requiring organizations to adjust not only their solution architecture but their mindset and previous practices. Worker safety technologies are among the most crucial as organizations focus on leveraging cutting-edge innovations to meet challenges in today’s digital world and, most importantly, continue to compete.


The Verdantix Summit is the only industry event in 2017 to provide an independent and comprehensive assessment of EH&S software available on the market today. Verdantix is an independent research and consulting firm with expertise in environment, health, safety, and quality as well as energy, real estate, facilities, and maintenance. Through their research and advisory services, Verdantix helps corporate managers, investors, technology executives, and service firm leaders make robust, fact-based decisions. Verdantix is committed to delivering objective, timely, and accurate analyses to help their clients succeed.

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MySafety aligns company strategy to execution by leveraging a worker-centric approach that captures those critical operational insights which improve safety and reduce operations risk in the thousands of decisions made each day by people across every level of an organization. As a business of Questback Inc., a global leader in enterprise workforce engagement management solutions, MySafety is a cloud-based software solution that empowers your workforce to take ownership and control of an organization’s safety and operations risk agenda.

Learn more at www.mysafetyquest.com.

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