AUSTIN, Texas, May 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Businesses and marketers around the world can rejoice as Sugar Bot makes sales hacking a breeze with the launch of its new tool. Finally, marketers can create dynamic email marketing lists that allows users to send targeted advertising to any group, for any language or country.

Sugar Bot is built to be both powerful but extremely easy to use, bringing welcome relief to anyone looking for help with lead generation. Sugar Bot works in three easy steps:

  1. Create focused lists – List creation is simple and fast. Just enter a search term to find information for, as well as the language and country users want to target.
  2. View list of email results – Sugar Bot goes to work and returns the results, with a full report of websites and emails found. Download the list.
  3. Craft and send intro emails – With the new list in hand, use Sugar Bot to send advertising and promotional emails that specifically target the marketing list.

That’s it. No more monkeying around with list scraping tools, then trying to figure out APIs for porting data into email marketing services. Sugar Bot’s patent-pending algorithm and user interface was built from the ground up to solve these pain points.

«Generating leads continues to be one of the top priorities for businesses large and small,» says Sugar Bot co-founder Myles Leighton. «Leads are the lifeblood for all companies. But the landscape is confusing for the average business owner or marketer. CRMs don’t help with customer acquisition, and no other tool makes finding and sending emails quite as easy as Sugar Bot does.»

Sugar Bot is free to use to create 1 list and 10 email records. Paid plans start from an affordable $9 per month for 1 list and 100 email records, or $99 per month for 10 lists and unlimited email records. The return on investment could be many times over with this new way for businesses to automate lead generation and outbound marketing.

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