FRISCO, Texas, May 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — After generating over $210 million in corporate revenues and serving companies from Silicon Valley IPOs to Fortune 10 tech companies like Facebook, AT&T and Google, James Smiley has quickly become one of the most revered and requested business acceleration strategists under the age of 40.

James began in humble beginnings in an inner-urban south Seattle neighborhood where he moved around a lot as a kid and got kicked out of high school. Now, James has spoken at events that featured the world’s leading entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Herjavec from the hit ABC TV Show «Shark Tank,» PGA Tour Champion Jordan Spieth and many other professional athletes and entrepreneurs.   

«Overall I’m just a normal guy with a serious hustle. I love to hustle at all parts of life – family, faith, business, hobbies, everything,» James said.

James’ life experienced a major shift after his 7-year-old son Zeke passed away on Dec. 26, 2015.  Zeke was born with half a heart. He passed away from a heart attack at the age of 5 but 10 minutes later James revived him with CPR. That incident left Zeke with major brain damage and was completely mute and paralyzed. However, within the next two years, Zeke defied all odds and was walking, feeding himself, and starting to talk again before he passed away for the final time.

«After Zeke passed, I realized there are many areas of life you can be rich in. Money is only one of them.  You can be rich in your relationships, marriage, or your business but most importantly, you can be rich in your own heart. Taking care of Zeke all those years taught me to be rich as a person too, which was more important that the money,» he said. 

After Zeke passed, James left a high 6-figure corporate career while in the middle of an executive leadership acceleration program for a Fortune 10 company and started his own companies. He’s now focused on accelerating sales for enterprises (www.JamesSmiley.Org) and helping entrepreneurs live out their dreams (  He’s also been brought in to CEO a startup focused on enabling millennials. He also is an executive advisor to various software and tech companies.

Mr. Smiley was rated by HR departments and recruiting agencies as a «blue-chip recruit.» Some rated him in the top 2% of employee innovation talent around the world, scoring him gigs with some of America’s top tech companies.

«I’ve always been fascinated with innovation, outside the box thinkers, and the mind behind the gadgets.  It’s the minds that are changing things, not the technology.  The technology is a by-product of what we think we can do as humans,» James said at the 2014 CTIA Thought-Leaders Panel.

He is part of a fast-moving force of under 40 serial-entrepreneurs who are pushing companies to reach the future first by disrupting traditional processes and mindsets.

«If you think you should do something today because that’s how you did it yesterday and it worked, chances are, the technological climate and social landscapes of tomorrow have already disrupted the reality of your job, competition and industry.  If you’re wondering why you can’t achieve success like you used to, it’s because you’re still thinking like it was 2015 when your competitors are thinking like it’s 2020.»

And this is precisely why James’ Rolodex alone has kept him overbooked since he left corporate America. 

«Information’s rate-of-increase is far surpassing the educational rate-of-increase of today’s businesses. They can’t keep up with new trends, automation techniques and new hacks that are creating the industry leaders of tomorrow.  People think the inertia of their enterprise or brand will sustain them. Those times have come and gone,» he said.

If you or your company are in need of rapid growth or a rapid, seemingly impossible shift in your sales trajectory, contact James’ team at 888-506-3809 about the possibility of working with them.

If you’d like James to motivate your workforce, overcome low team morale, or encourage a company who’s going through tough times, James can bring energy, passion and a mental shift to your team.

If you need an innovator and recognized thought-leader at your next conference or event, apply to have James rock your audience with his passion, excitement, and secret life and business hacks!

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