DALLAS, May 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Unified Women’s Healthcare, PL (UWH) has carried the momentum from its success in 2016, into 2017. The group has now surpassed 175 providers across the state of Texas. As the nation’s largest Ob-Gyn physician group, UWH is spreading rapidly as independent Ob-Gyns seek the best option to help address the complexities of a rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

The largest and fastest growing single specialty Ob-Gyn group in Texas.

As the business partner behind UWH, Unified Physician Management, LLC (UPM) believes that Texas is emblematic of what is happening all over the country. Doctors of all specialties are faced with rising expenses and huge demands for sophisticated data management, as payors and employers seek more value from their provider networks.

«Our goal is to enable and empower our partner physicians to spend more time with each patient and to concentrate on the practice of medicine. We provide the support, tools and technology that position our partner doctors to be best of breed in today’s value based payment environment,» said Adam Jay, Vice President of Practice Development and Marketing. «Unfortunately, most practicing physicians find themselves focusing more on the daily administrative tasks of running a business, while spending less time on patient care. Our model works to correct that.»

Steven A. Suba, M.D., President of UWH, joined the organization in 2015, noting that «UWH is an attractive group to Ob-Gyns because it allows physicians to focus on what is most important to them: caring for their patients. The other practice options don’t focus as strongly on the specific needs of Ob-Gyns as a specialty. Having a strong management partner, while remaining in private practice with independence and autonomy, was very important to me.»

This singular vision has helped UWH grow rapidly throughout the state of Texas and throughout the nation. Unified Women’s Healthcare is currently the largest Ob-Gyn single specialty group in the nation, and together with UPM’s integrated practices has more than 1,250 providers in seven states and the District of Columbia. Providers interested in learning more about Unified Women’s Healthcare, PL should email [email protected] or call (866) 208-3862.

About Unified Women’s Healthcare, PL
Unified Women’s Healthcare is a single specialty Ob-Gyn practice formed by Ob-Gyn physicians to address their specific needs. Since the company’s inception in 2009, the group has spread from Florida to Georgia, North Carolina, Washington, and Texas to meet the demands of doctors and the needs of patients in those states. The company is focused on maintaining the private practice of medicine and providing the best quality women’s healthcare, exemplified by convenient, value-based care models.

About Unified Physician Management, LLC
Unified Physician Management is the nation’s leading Ob-Gyn practice development company and has partnered with over 1,250 Ob-Gyn providers in seven states and D.C. UPM builds and empowers high performance Ob-Gyn group practices where its physician partners enjoy access to dozens of trained business specialists. As a business partner, UPM oversees strategic direction, managed care and value-based contracting, office and medical record technology, purchasing, accounting and human resources. For more information, visit www.unifiedhc.com.

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