DALLAS, Aug. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — US-based research firm, ConsumerDNA has introduced their «Product Experience Hierarchy» that explains how consumers decide where to spend their two most precious resources: time and money. The hierarchy details four distinct levels of consumer engagement from Novelty, Task Accomplishment, and Personal Growth, to the very highest: Transcendence.

«We live in an unprecedented era of innovation, which has resulted in a multitude of interesting, new product choices,» stated Michael Kassab, CEO of ConsumerDNA. «Novelty is the factor that gets most of our attention, but that is short lived unless the product connects with us at a deeper, more meaningful level,» he added. ConsumerDNA provides fresh perspective and ground-breaking insights into what makes a WOW product, those that are truly disruptive by changing the way we live.

The Product Experience Hierarchy is distilled from consumer behavior studies across more than 50 product categories and hundreds of brands that represent thousands of product use experiences.

«Every consumer chooses a different selection of products and services that maximizes value and molds them into the person they want to be. It’s about development and refinement of the self, or friends and family,» Michael states.  

To learn more about the Product Experience Hierarchy view the video: “The Product Experience Hierarchy, How We Choose To Spend Our Time And Money” https://dnamarketresearch.com/thought-leadership/

To learn more about the Product Experience Hierarchy view the video:

About ConsumerDNA
ConsumerDNA is a consumer research company offering 35 years of experience helping companies with the consumer insights they need to better develop their brand and marketing strategies.

To learn more about ConsumerDNA, visit dnamarketresearch.com.

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