HOUSTON, May 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Nationally recognized law firm Williams Kherkher secured a $16.5 million-dollar verdict this week on behalf of two Houston workers who were seriously injured in a crane accident. The trial team, led by attorneys Jim Hart and Steve Kherkher were able to demonstrate negligence on the part of the crane operator and crane company in the complaint. 

Williams Kherkher Hart Boundas Easterby, LLC.

The accident occurred at the site of a new Apple store on Westheimer road in Houston during the removal of a large window at the construction site. The two ironworkers were on a scissor lift when the crane operator lost control of the crane, knocking over the lift. The workers both suffered crushed vertebrae in addition to other injuries in the accident.

Attorney Jim Hart says of the case: «We are very happy that the jury agreed with us that our clients were wrongly and severely injured in this accident. We appreciate the hard work of the jury and it is rewarding to see that justice was served.»

Maxim Crane Works, LP was held accountable for the accident for failing to follow industry standards and regulations that could have prevented the accident from occurring if they had been followed by the company. At Williams Kherkher, we strongly believe that companies have a responsibility to properly train their employees and ensure that safety standards are followed at all times. No worker should be injured due to negligent behavior on the job site, and if they are, they deserve justice.

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