The New Dask: The Open Source Library for Scaling Python Reveals a New Style

AUSTIN, Texas, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Dask, an open-source Python-native parallel computing library, has announced its latest rebrand. Dask's rebranding includes a new visual style throughout all of its content, as well as a new website: dask.org. As part of its improved functionality, the website now allows users to add local Dask related events, contribute to blogs, and subscribe to the Dask community newsletter.

Dask's rebranding is part of a larger initiative to make Dask accessible and open to data scientists globally and to prepare for the next milestone in user growth.

"We created Dask's visual style seven years ago. Since then Dask has grown from a small batch of developers to a large, vibrant community and we wanted the new Dask to reflect this transformation. We wanted Dask to be perceived as highly technical, authoritative, but at the same time friendly and approachable, which is not an easy task", says Matthew Rocklin, the initial author of Dask and CEO of Coiled. "To communicate Dask's personality, the logo needed mass appeal, while remaining serious and credible. It needed to feel both authoritative and young, which led us to balance many design elements thoughtfully. After we and the working group collaborated, we designed a logo with repeating shapes to better represent parallel computing and community. The lowercase word ('dask') mark connects the viewer to Dask's community traits and references the history of many open source projects using all lowercase logos," adds Rocklin.

Data scientists and data engineers from NASA, Capital One, Citi, Walmart, Grubhub, Wayfair, Microsoft and other organizations and companies currently use Dask to scale their Python code and PyData libraries.

To learn more about Dask's new vision, watch this YouTube video and visit the new website at dask.org

About Dask: Dask is an open-source Python parallel computing library. With Dask, Python code can be scaled from multi-core local machines to large distributed clusters in the cloud. It was created by Matthew Rocklin in 2015 and has over 500 contributors on GitHub to date.

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