RentBarker Comes Out Of Stealth to Revolutionize Tenant Acquisition Process & Apartment Hunting

RentBarker's online platform has dismantled the rental process. Landlords compete for prescreened tenants, who use prospects' unique qualifications to provide the best price through RentBarker's proprietary bidding system.

Landlords also have the ability to search the only online database of tenants searching for units in their market. RentBarker's online platform acts as a marketplace for both landlords and renters with a unique tenant search tool offered to landlords and access to multiple units for prospective tenants.

DALLAS , June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- RentBarker today announces the launch of its rental platform, offering prospective tenants the ability to select their favorite properties and enter into an auction requiring landlords to compete for a tenant, based on the tenant's needs and qualifications. At the same time, it has created a platform that will allow landlords to streamline their tenant acquisition process and significantly enhance their lease conversion rates by creating the first-ever database of anonymous prescreened prospects, where landlords can search for their perfect tenant rather than wait for the perfect tenant to find them.

RentBarker's online platform has dismantled the rental process. 

"There are dozens of websites that allow prospective tenants to search for the perfect rental unit in the vast market of available units, but there are no websites that allow landlords to search for the perfect tenant, even though there is a vast market of available tenants", said Mitchell Abergel, Co-Founder of RentBarker. "We've brought landlords a solution to costly shotgun advertising, problematic tenants, and vacancies. And by recognizing that the perfect rental home is the best place for the price, we've delivered a solution that allows renters to generate the best pricing from their favorite properties with peace of mind and efficiency that doesn't exist anywhere else". 

RentBarker aims to simplify and modernize the rental process by leveling the playing field between landlords and tenants, allowing both parties to achieve their goals through a cost-efficient, fully transparent, and hassle-free process. Professional property owners, management companies, and private landlords can expect to find and pursue their perfect tenants, with visibility on what the competition is offering a prospect – giving landlords the best chance to close the deal. The process is completely free to tenants, and landlords only pay if a lease is signed.

About RentBarker

RentBarker is an online platform that dismantles the rental process and remakes it as it should be. For landlords, RentBarker has streamlined the tenant acquisition process in a way nobody has before. Landlords have access to prescreened prospects to determine, up-front, whether they are a good fit for their vacancy. Through the first-ever database of prescreened tenants, landlords can join the competition by making unsolicited offers to prospects searching for a new home. For prospective tenants, RentBarker offers a free solution to finding your next home. Landlords compete against each other to submit their best prices to win you as a tenant, giving you complete control.

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